Adam Smith Workshop

Adam Smith Workshop Spring 2022

21-22 April 2022


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Call for Papers

You are invited to submit papers for the Adam Smith Workshop for Spring 2022. The workshop will take place over two days on Thursday 21, and Friday 22, April 2022. The workshop will be be hosted by INSEAD in Fontainebleau. At this time, we are planning for an in-person conference (with no online option unless the Covid situation changes drastically).

The workshop will consider papers in all areas of finance, including Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation, Household Finance, and International Finance.

As in previous years, papers will be presented in two parallel streams, one labeled Asset Pricing (AP) and the other Corporate Finance (CF). There will also be one joint session with papers that are of interest to researchers in both Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance.

Submission deadline and procedure:

  • The submission deadline is Friday 19 November 2021 (midnight GMT).

  • There is a submission fee of 60 euros.

  • When submitting your PDF, there is no need to remove author information from the cover page.

  • Your paper should be submitted at:

  • Depending on whether you wish your paper to be considered for the Asset Pricing or Corporate Finance stream, please name the PDF file as:

    • AP_LASTNAME_Firstname_Title.pdf

    • CF_LASTNAME_Firstname_Title.pdf

Program Committees:

Asset Pricing:

Co-chairs: Frederico Belo (INSEAD and CEPR), Hugues Langlois (HEC Paris), Irina Zviadadze (HEC Paris and CEPR), and Raman Uppal (EDHEC and CEPR).

Members: Adrian Buss (INSEAD, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, and CEPR), Bhamra (Imperial College and CEPR), Pedro Bordalo (Oxford University), Svetlana Bryzgalova (LBS), Laurent Calvet (EDHEC and CEPR), Thierry Foucault (HEC and CEPR), Christian Julliard (LSE), Marcin Kacperczyk (Imperial College and CEPR), Howard Kung (LBS and CEPR), Dong Lou (LSE and CEPR), Kim Peijnenburg (EDHEC and CEPR).

Corporate Finance:

Co-chairs: Olivier Dessaint (INSEAD), Johan Hombert (HEC Paris and CEPR), and Vikrant Vig (LBS and CEPR).

Members: Claire Célérier (University of Toronto and CEPR), Claudia Custodio (Imperial College and CEPR), Mariassunta Giannetti (SSE and CEPR), Xavier Giroud (Columbia University and CEPR), Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe (LSE), Denis Gromb (HEC Paris and CEPR), Dirk Jenter (LSE and CEPR), Peter Koudijs (Erasmus), Augustin Landier (HEC Paris), Steven Ongena (University of Zurich and SFI), Marco Pagano (University of Naples, EIEF and CEPR), Jorg Rocholl (ESMT), David Thesmar (MIT and CEPR), Victoria Vanasco (CREI and CEPR).

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